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The Trading Comedy

A Story of a Busking Trader

Busker by night, trader by day and a gamer any day

UPDATE: I HAVE NOW MOVED TO A NEW WEBSITE (but if you want to continue reading on my informal introduction, it’s fine)

Greetings reader! So let me introduce myself.

My name is Alec and I reside in the Philippines.

I used to work in the IT industry for 4 years working as an Android developer.

I went on a hiatus last 2017 to pursue my passion, which is music.

Yep, you read it right! I’m an independent musician (known as Alex Corner) and you’d be surprised I have a lot of songs on Spotify.

I’ve been regularly busking at a mall for more than a year. I started last April 2018. This is also the same year that I also took time in studying the markets.

Hello Eastwood City!

And because of busking, I found the woman I love:

To summarize everything that has happened to me:

I left my corporate job to do what I love.
I found my love by doing what I love.
(And now I’m trading because I’m starting to love it too 😂)

So how did I start The Trading Comedy?

It started with one big loss at the week of my birthday (November 2018) where I lost almost one month worth of my IT salary in a single week!

Hello wake up call (I know right?!) This is what I get for being too complacent thinking that I wouldn’t need to journal my trades. 😅

And this is where my story (and probably yours too) begins…

Your Trading Busker/Tradertainer,

Alex Corner

Your path to your “Trading Nirvana” starts below

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