Reducing your worries during EOD trading

Have you ever experienced having a good setup but psychologically you still doubt if you want to enter the trade due to “external factors” be it news, social media, or other people’s analysis? Well, the easiest solution to reduce noise is to turn off your Facebook or Twitter and just open your charting tool. If […]

Lazy Elliottician’s Food For Thought: The Power of Lines

A lot of trading resources nowadays are so obsessed with candlestick chart patterns and strategies that they tend to neglect this type of chart and it’s also the simplest to look at. What if I told you that all you need in trading the markets especially if you are counting basic Elliott Waves is actually […]

City Management Games That Can Help In Trading

Who says that video games can’t help you with your development as a trader? Don’t get me wrong, the beginning of your trading journey you will be immersed in charts but as time goes by you’ll get to appreciate this business. If you get this right in the long run, you’ll realize that the beauty […]

A Lazy Approach to Elliott Wave Theory

Greetings Trading Poets! Today is another new year and for this post I’ve decided to share to you a technique that I discovered around last quarter of 2019. We will be talking about Elliot Waves! I understand why some people don’t want to use this to forecast price movements since it’s very tiresome to do […]

RADSIX: Spotting Potential Rallies & Reversals Before They Actually Happen

Hello reader, for this post I am going to show you how to combine the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Average Directional Index (ADX) to spot signals on when to enter a trade. Back then, I would use the Directional Movement (DMI) indicator for confirming trend direction aside from what the price action is giving […]

The Art of Lazy Speculation with Fibonacci Retracements

Okay, before you lash out think for one second: I did not say Fibonacci is useless. 😂 It’s more of a recipe for disappointment to be honest. Oh wait, there’s also what you call Fibonacci extensions but guess what? I don’t use them as well. 😂 If you’ve been following me ever since I started […]

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